This is a blog is about the replica WWII era caps and other flight gear I have made.

Flying caps are a fascinating part of WWII flying gear. Like the A-2 jacket, they are still functional and stylish today. I hope to include a smattering of info about the original caps from which my caps are modeled.

The patterns I use are taken primarily from originals in my collection. One of the biggest challenges is to find materials in the correct weave, weight, and color. More often than not I have to dye the fabrics.

All cap materials are hand dyed, hand cut, and hand assembled. Starting with nothing and having something I can wear is all part of the enjoyment. It can be very time consuming but there is a sense of pride that comes with it. I wear one of my caps almost daily.

With each cap I make, quality improves and ideas for other caps come. Blemishes and all, I think they can be pretty convincing.

This is not a business nor an "Items For Sale" site. There is no way to recoup the time spent on these projects. Nonetheless, you might find an item offered for sale here and there. I can only hoard so many!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Opinions on some Repros

I had a question PM'd to me.  As far as squadron caps, if one is inclined, Googling "vintage wool baseball caps" will net a load of sites(Ebbets Field, American Needle, etc) that sell wool hats reasonably.  One could purchase one and add wool squadron numbers, etc.   But, for my taste, I have found that most of those sites have a fairly standardized pattern(particularly in the crown) applied to all genres rather than focusing on any that would pass as a WWII squadron cap.  Changing colors and bill sizes doesn't cut it for me but many don't obsess over such details.  After all, the origin of many WWII squadron caps is debated and likely varied.  I know these companies have to standardize or go out of business.  I like to be quite specific about the few caps that I make as I wear them.  Somehow this doesn't seam to impress the ladies!  ELC has a squadron cap for about $98.  It is as close as I have seen yet but varies a tad from the originals they show and one other forum member said it was so floppy he never wore it.  That might be a bit harsh as they are all a bit floppy and what we expect vs what is realistic might be an issue.  The sentiment is surely understood at these prices.

Spearhead has not had the best reviews from other forum members as far as caps go.  I was sent one of their A-3s and the shape is totally wrong compared to my originals.  The weave of HBT appeared off as well.  I have made two A-3s (lost one off the seat of a motorcycle 10yrs ago), but the material is hard to come by and I don't fancy tearing up WWII coveralls to get the right material. 
Juan at WWII impressions has some good looking A-3s but I have not held one personally.

As far as B-1s, Mash from Japan has one for about $70 and appears nice.   ELC has one for $125 and it had better be spot on!  Again, I have compared mine only to originals and have held no other repros of the B-1.

I do think it pays to be a bit imperfect as not to confuse buyers, there is enough of that confusion already - even with caps.  We expect perfection when there were never such high standards for these items back then.  Perhaps perfection will one day be the sign of a fake!

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  1. Hey, please E-mail Me Dmar836! in Regards to Making patterns and using recycled material to make 50s Leather Squadron hats and B-1s from Scratch. Im into it and want to share info, pics and even have a few patterns for you if youre interested in some of my collection and what Im working on.