This is a blog is about the replica WWII era caps and other flight gear I have made.

Flying caps are a fascinating part of WWII flying gear. Like the A-2 jacket, they are still functional and stylish today. I hope to include a smattering of info about the original caps from which my caps are modeled.

The patterns I use are taken primarily from originals in my collection. One of the biggest challenges is to find materials in the correct weave, weight, and color. More often than not I have to dye the fabrics.

All cap materials are hand dyed, hand cut, and hand assembled. Starting with nothing and having something I can wear is all part of the enjoyment. It can be very time consuming but there is a sense of pride that comes with it. I wear one of my caps almost daily.

With each cap I make, quality improves and ideas for other caps come. Blemishes and all, I think they can be pretty convincing.

This is not a business nor an "Items For Sale" site. There is no way to recoup the time spent on these projects. Nonetheless, you might find an item offered for sale here and there. I can only hoard so many!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

B-1 Multi-color For Sale

This is a variant I have seen in several pics. One is in "Gear Up!" I'm really not sure it these were produced with varying colors or if these were private purchase "Flying" or "Fishing" caps. Regardless, this is the correct B-1 pattern. It isn't perfect but mine never are and the originals weren't either. As I have said before, one day perfection will be the sure sign of a repro. Friends and family have said I am more picky than anyone else would be. Still I am a little self-conscious when actually letting these go for money. Too big for me as it is about a 7 3/8 size. I can add the AAF stamp if desired but I would be surprised if the "variants" seen in the pics had them. Who can say? Let me know. $ SOLD $ + $5 S&H,&PP fees

Dyed B-1 For Sale

I made a tan B-1 with the hopes of getting that Admiral Halsey look.  I didn't care for the khaki look at all - especially with a the small amount of felting that occurs when you heat gabardine up enough to dye it.  The Navy caps were also olive but for some reason always appeared lighter in the B&W documentaries.  Can't say I didn't try.
This one is dyed orange and would look nice with some felt letters on the front.... or all over it.  It was too big for me so I will sell it.  If it were my size, I have no lack of finishing ideas for them!
This is about a 7 3/8 and has a bill of HDPE rather than delicate cardboard or original bakelite.
To my knowledge bakelite is no longer produced as it had many undesirable characteristics as a plastic.  The nice thing about HDPE is that it is as stiff as you want it.  It can be left flat or just slightly curved or it can be steamed and set to form about any reasonable shape you desire.
Fair warning:  The original-style  flat stiff bills will likely impart a headache over time.  Ask how I know.  All heads are shaped differently but I suspect this is why you see so many period caps intentionally cracked down the bill or flipped up to redirect the pressure.  I refuse to reshape the bill for comfort as I still like to keep the pattern original.  Colors are another story!
Less expensive because there are differences from the originals not least of which is the color and pigskin sweatband.

Orange B-1  $30 + $5 S&H&PP fees